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Boy met girl in law school, they got married, had a beautiful baby girl, moved to Gig Harbor, WA, and started their own law firm. These are the tales of their adventures, enjoy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Diving In

I suppose there is no way to begin the blogging process other than to dive in!  

Mabel had a week of firsts halfway through her 7th month of life; she got her first tooth, balanced herself while standing, and is making progress with crawling!  Mabel loves being mobile, but for now she is resigned to rolling across the floor to her destination.  She is finding her voice and loves to talk to herself in her crib.  Her motor skills are improving and she loves attempting to feed herself, even if it is a rather messy endeavor.  New favorite toys while dining in her high chair are measuring cups and spoons, which are often flung about the room.

                                           Figuring out how to crawl.
                                           Mommy staying close by in case of fall.
                                           Happy to be standing!